Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone (1940)

$ 1,850.00

Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone.  Serial number 289200 dates this saxophone to 1940. 

Lacquer is around 70%.  I go back and forth on my opinion if the lacquer is original or not, so I will sell this one as a relacquered horn.  The reasons I am questioning are there are signs of dent work on the engraving on the bell, so it is hard to say for certain from the engraving.  It looks to have some original pads which would not be on a relacquered horn.  I don't see any buffing compound.  The previous owners name and id number are scratched on the bottom of the bow and under the bell rim...probably not something you would do on a newly relacquered horn...if you cared enough about cosmetics to relacquer your horn, you probably wouldn't scratch your name into it.

This horn has been owned by the same family since it was new and it has not been played for the past 50+ years.  Structurally, it is in good condition.  The only repair is on the bell to body brace.  There are a few minor dings.  There are signs of dent repair, but there are no dents.

This horn features rolled tone holes, G# trill key and forked Eb key. 

It also has a neck that is typically found with a Conn 30M Tenor.  This is another mystery.  It may or may not be the neck that originally came with the horn.  If at some point the neck was replaced, it would have been much easier to find a replacement 10M neck rather than the much more rare 30M neck.  The lacquer color and wear on the neck is consistent with the rest of the horn so I would say it is possible it is the original neck. 

The old vintage case is worn, but usable. 

We are currently selling this horn in as-found condition.  Structurally, it is in very good condition.  It looks like it will need some new rollers as a couple of them look brittle.  It is a great project horn and I am sure with some work will make a great playing tenor.  These pre-war 10M tenors are legendary are among the best tenors ever made..  

SKU 289200