Martin Committee "Official Music Man Model" Alto Saxophone

$ 1,750.00

Vintage Martin Committee "Official Music Man Model" Alto Saxophone.  This is a fairly hard to find variation of the Martin Committee Model.  These were only made in 1962 / 1963.  There are various myths about this model including: ones marked Music Man Model were actually used in "The Music Man" movie from 1962.  I don't think this was the case, but they are named "The Music Man Model" because of the popularity of the movie. 

In any case, this particular saxophone is in great original condition.  Serial number 218795 dates this horn to 1962.  The original lacquer is better than 95%.  There are no repairs.  There are a couple very minor dings.  This model features all the Committee Model features: thick soldered tone holes, adjustable thumb hook, patented neck, and that wonderful lush Martin tone.  It has been maintained through the years so it has a mix of original pads and newer pads.  While it is in nice playing condition, more than half of the pads are original and will probably need to be replaced in the near future if you plan on playing this horn a lot.  Original case is in very good condition.

SKU 218795