Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone (1963)

$ 5,700.00

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone.  Serial number 107411 dates this saxophone to 1963.  Nice condition "Player's Horn" in excellent playing condition.  I call this a "Player's Horn" since it has some cosmetic issues that will turn off collectors.  This is a Paris-made saxophone and has "European" engraving.  Original lacquer is 85%+ and overall, looks pretty good.  The only repairs are to keyguard legs and there are signs of some ding removal.  It is in excellent playing condition...pads are newer and the recent overhaul utilized the original nylon resonators.  The last overhaul included removing the bell/bow glue and replacing with solder...similar to how the horns were assembled in Elkhart.  Years ago, the previous owner had the neck silver-plated by Bob Carpenter and much of the silver plate has worn off.  The original owner purchased the horn in Paris and attempted to remove the Selmer name from the bell to avoid import duty...the names are still clearly visible, but there are some deep scratches through the names.  The zipper on the case has been removed and replaced with latches.  The case is in good usable condition and includes a Selmer vinyl case cover.  This is a GREAT playing horn that has been discounted for cosmetic issues.  If you "play 'em rather than polish 'em", then this is a great horn.  It is a legendary model and considered by many the best ever made.

SKU 107411