Antigua Winds ProOne Tenor Saxophone (Coming Soon)

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Antigua Winds ProOne Tenor Saxophone.  "Vintage Lacquer" finish.  Designed by Peter Ponzol for Antigua Winds.  This saxophone is a new instrument that was used as a demo horn and it is still in near new condition...It has a couple very minor scratches from a stand.  The ProOne Model is Antigua Winds top model horn and features:

  • Ponzol special neck design
  • Hybrid tone hole design with tone hole rings on the bow and bell but normal tone holes on the body. This design keeps the sound centered but has all the advantages of rolled tone holes.
  • Larger bell size for better projection.
  • Trident Arms (TM) on bell and bow keys have floating arms with adjusting screws to keep even pressure on these large key cups which can often have very small leaks making response stuffy.
  • Extra adjustable arm on right hand F key for a more secure closure of all right hand keys.
  • The entire design of Antigua ProOne saxophones was done by Peter Ponzol from start to finish.


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