Buescher "Selmer" Curved Soprano Saxophone

$ 1,200.00

This vintage curved soprano was made for the Selmer Company by Buescher.  Serial number 47919.  If the serial number follows the Buescher numbers, then it was made in 1919.  However, most often, the serial number for "stencil" horns do not follow the main line numbers.  If it wasn't made in 1919, it was probably made in the early 1920s.  Overall, good condition.  This probably left the factory as a bare brass instrument and then was later lacquered.  The lacquer finish is better than 95%.  There is a very minor ding on the bow and possibly very slight pull down on the neck.  There are no repairs.  This one is not keyed to high F.  This instrument came from the estate of a woodwind professor and this was his only soprano.  It was maintained and played regularly until he passed away.  The saxophone is in good playing condition.  The pads are older, but still good condition and still have life in them.  The original case shows wear, but is still in usable condition.

SKU 47919