Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone (1941)

$ 1,950.00

Nice early Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone.  Serial number 298181 dates this saxophone to 1941.  This model features rolled tone holes and the famous lady engraving.  Excellent playing condition with newer pads.  Nicely done relacquer finish is around 99%.  There are minor repairs and dings.  Unfortunately, the previous owner scratched his/her name on the back of the horn.  The old style alternate keys have been disabled...The G# trill key lever has been removed and is no longer with the horn.  The forked Eb spring has been reversed which disables the alternate fingering...this could easily be reversed to make it operable.  The saxophone is in excellent playing condition.  Recent overhaul.  Pads are in near new condition with large dome metal resonators.  Nice strong playing vintage tenor in nice condition.  The vintage Conn case is not original, but is in very good condition.

SKU 298181