Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone (1945)

$ 3,500.00

Vintage Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone.  Serial number 312633 dates this saxophone to 1945.  Most likely made during the war, this saxophone was made for the US Military.  The original case is stamped with, "U.S."  There is an inventory number "NACSS4" stamped on the front of the bell.  This horn features rolled tone holes, forked Eb key, locking screws on the pivot screws and that famous lady engraving.

This saxophone is in nice condition and looks great.  The silverplate finish is near 100%; however, I suspect some of the key touches and the high points on the wire keyguards have been spot plated to cover wear.  Most likely, this was done during the last overhaul.  There are a couple of minor repairs and evidence on ding removal.  The neck receiver was replaced and the original one is in the case.  The G# trill key lever was removed.  The mount for the G# trill lever still remains.  The horn is in excellent playing condition.  Black Roo pads with Noyak resonators are in excellent condition.  The original case is in very good condition.

Original silverplated 10M tenor saxophones are fairly hard to find.  Military horns made by Conn during WWII are also very hard to find.

SKU 312633