Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone (1967)

$ 1,150.00

Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone.  This is a later model 10M and these were still made in Elkhart.  Serial number K17222 dates this saxophone to 1967.  This is a "Player's Horn" is bare brass with an attractive patina and custom floral engraving.  Overall, it is in good playing condition.  There are minor dings and repairs.  There is a pickup installed on the longer functional.  Pads with plastic dome resonators are in very good to excellent condition.  SKB contoured case is in usable condition.  While these late model 10Ms don't get the respect of the ones produced in the 1940s, these are still great playing tenors are among the best values on the market.  Lots of horn for the money.  Huge Conn tone for a fraction of the price of a 1940s 10M.

SKU K17222