Conn New Wonder Curved Soprano Saxophone

$ 1,975.00

Nice vintage Conn New Wonder Curved Soprano Saxophone.  Serial number 212522 dates this soprano saxophone to 1928.  This model features: rolled tone holes, nail-file G#, forked Eb, and that wonderful full, deep and powerful Conn tone.  Overall, very nice condition.  Original silver plate finish is 99%.  There are minor repairs to keyguard legs.  G# key has been nicely modified to connect with the rest of the pinky table, so if you can play G# by pressing low C#, B, or Bb.  Brass riser on high D makes it easy to find.  The strap hook and thumb-hook have been re-positioned.  Excellent playing condition.  Pads with flat brass resonators are in excellent, near new condition.  Original case is in very good condition.  Overall, a great little horn.

SKU 212522