Conn Transitional Alto Saxophone

$ 1,550.00

Vintage used Conn Transitional Alto Saxophone. The "Transitional" altos were made in the early 1930s during the period of time between the New Wonder Models and the 6M models. These often have characteristics of both models and are all excellent horns. With all the variations of these horns in the early 1930s, these have become very popular with players and collectors. Serial number 247535 dates this saxophone to 1931. This model features: rolled tone holes, micro-tuner on the neck, swivel thumbhook, underslung octave key, and Deco engraving.  Original silver plate finish is 90%. Deco engraving. There are minor repairs and dings. Excellent playing condition. Pads with flat metal resonators are new and this saxophone is in excellent playing condition. Protec case is in good condition.

SKU 247535