Phil-Tone Isotope Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 7 (.081) (NEW)

$ 450.00


This is the latest collaborative effort of Phil-Tone and Theo Wanne.  It is a high baffle piece all grown up. Gone are the thin palm keys, absent is the brash low end.  If you are looking for power, tone, and versatility... look to the Isotope.  

The Isotope the first high baffled mouthpiece created by Phil-Tone in collaboration with Theo Wanne.  If you have been looking for a high baffle piece with power, volume, cut but you dont want to peel paint or sacrifice body and depth you deserve to try the Isotope.  Its not just another high baffle piece.  It has a high baffle, a small rollover and undercut sidewalls after the step.  This enlarges the chamber, creates more body and core in the tone while not giving up focus and volume.  Like each Phil-Tone, every mouthpiece is hand finished and play tested for consistency and uncompromising quality.  Order your Isotope. It has sizzle, power, and complexity while being just a touch radioactive!

We offer 10-day trial period.  Since we ship free in the US, we do have a $10 restocking fee on returns to recover our shipping costs.