Martin Antique 1910 Baritone Saxophone

$ 1,350.00

This is an antique Martin Baritone Saxophone.  Serial number 11081.  Not sure of the date, but based on the keywork, it is probably 1910 or earlier.  This saxophone is in very good condition, but is more of a collector item than an everyday saxophone.  It looks great.  Original silver plate finish is 95%+.  It has the Apogee System keywork in which the middle finger of the right hand can operate all the left hand pinky keys.  It also has a two octave key key for D-G# and another key for A and up.  The octave pip is on the neck, but the octave key is on the body, so if the neck moves a tiny bit, it will open up the pip.  It is not an easy horn to play, but it is cool.  There are lots of repairs...many of the very old solders have needed attention.  The pads are new and this saxophone was recently serviced.  It plays with a big full and rich tone.  This is the earliest Martin saxophone we have had.  Old vintage case may or may not be original.

SKU 11081