Martin Handcraft Baritone Saxophone (1928)

$ 995.00

Martin Handcraft Baritone Saxophone.  Serial number 91347 dates this saxophone to 1928.  Lacquer is around 80% and is most likely original; however, this one may have left the factory as bare brass and then lacquered at the point of sale.  Keyed to high F.  This saxophone has a unique side key mechanism...two keys on the side perform the functions of the three side-key mechanism depending on what keys are fingered on the stack.  Overall, the horn is in good condition.  There are some minor dings and repairs.  There is a patch or added bracing to the bottom of the neck.  The horn has been maintained throught he years and is in nice playing condition.  The pads are a mix of older and newer and if you are going to play this horn a lot, then the older pads will probably need to be replaced in the near future.  If you play the horn occasionally, then it is probably good for several years.  Older case is worn on edges and has a broken latch, but is still sturdy and in good usable condition.  These old Martins have a wonderful deep rich and powerful tone.  This is a lot of horn for the money. 

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