Martin Handcraft Standard Model Tenor Saxophone (1939)

$ 1,350.00

This is a Martin Handcraft Standard Model Tenor Saxophone.  I've read a couple different opinions on this model...some sources say the "Standard" model was an intermediate model.  Others claim it was a professional model and it was named "Standard" in reference to Martin "setting the Standard".  The serial number does follow in line with their professional model saxophones.  Serial numbers for their student and intermediate models did not follow the numbers for the professional models.   I believe these were the last of the professional Handcraft models.  They were "The Standard" and were made as the company transitioned to the Committee models.  In any case, it was among various models of the Handcraft line and is a very nice tenor.  It has a typical deep rich and full tone.  Serial number 132216 dates this saxophone to 1939.  Lacquer looks to be original and is around 85%.  There are minor repairs and dings.  Pads with plastic dome resonators are in excellent condition.  The case is an older replacement case with wear, but is still usable.

SKU 132216