Morgan Excalibur Large Chamber 4L (.065) Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (New Old Stock)

$ 235.00

When cleaning out Ralph Morgan's Estate in 2015, a rack of 20 or so finished mouthpieces were found.  These mouthpieces had been finished back around 2008 and then forgotten.  They were never sold and never played...just misplaced and forgotten.  We packed them up in 2015 and forgot about them again until last week when we rediscovered them.  This is one of those mouthpieces.  It is an Excalibur Large Chamber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.  It is marked, 4EL and the tip opening measures .065.  Most likely, this was a custom order mouthpiece that never was paid for as the 4 size was never available as a normal facing for the Excalibur Model.  It is discolored due to just sitting in the workshop without being covered or packaged for 7-8 years; otherwise, it is in new condition.   This is New Old Stock.  It has never been sold or played.