Morgan Excalibur Medium Chamber 8 (.100) Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece (NOS) Made by Ralph

$ 450.00

This mouthpiece is a never sold piece that was made by Ralph Morgan himself back in 2007.  It was made by Ralph, packaged by Ralph and was never sold.  It has remained in the package since 2007 until we pulled it out for photos.  Essentially, it is a brand new 16+ year-old mouthpiece made by arguably the greatest individual mouthpiece maker ever...the GOAT.  This is an Excalibur 8 Medium Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece.  It is marked 8E and the tip opening measures .100.  The "E" was Ralph's designation for a Medium Chamber, this model is marked, 8M.  It is in new condition just like the day it was made.