Rampone & Cazzani Two Voices Tenor Saxophone

$ 6,600.00

Absolutely beautiful!  This Rampone & Cazzani Two Voices Model Tenor Saxophone is truly a work of art.  Handmade in Italy.  It has a bare bronze body, bare brass keywork and Sterling silver bell.  All the metals are acquiring a beautiful patina.  It comes with two necks...bronze and Sterling silver.  Serial number 16020.  This saxophone is in great condition.  There are no dings or repairs.  Pads with dome metal resonators are in excellent condition.  There are three different key risers on the palm keys and we will leave them on...two are easily removable, the third is epoxy or sugru.  Fine detail throughout on this saxophone...the engraving is beautiful and even the wood plug is beautiful.  The original case is also beautiful and very well crafted.  The case has a couple deep scuffs, but still nice condition.  What a beauty and it plays with a wonderful deep and complex tone.

SKU 16020