Selmer Custom Super Balanced Action / Transitional Alto Saxophone

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This is a one-of-a-kind all factory original custom Super Balanced Action alto saxophone which also served as a prototype for the Mark VI.  Serial number 45779 dates this saxophone to 1951/1952.  This saxophone was made specially for Joe Artley who was the chief woodwind designer and factory superviser...he was the boss.  Those that assembled and engraved this horn knew they were making it for the boss.  Ken Doty engraved it all over including the neck and inside the bell.  The G# table was specially designed and built for Joe.  Ralph Morgan took over the chief woodwind designer position after Joe and owned the horn until 2007.  Ralph told us that the G# table design of this horn served as a prototype for the G# table on the Mark VI.  Joe's initials "JSA" are engraved on the neck of the horn. 

The saxophone is in nice condition.  Original lacquer is 95%+.  There are no repairs and no dings.  The engraving still looks go weak in the knees when you open the case.  The pads with Noyak resonators are in very good condition and the horn is in excellent playing condition.  The case is the original deluxe case with room for a clarinet and flute.  The case shows some wear, but is still in good condition.

This is a one-of-a-kind saxophone and a great piece of Selmer history.

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