Yanagisawa (Martin) S800 Soprano Saxophone

$ 1,350.00

We originally listed this as a S6 Model Soprano, but a customer alerted us that is may not be an S6.  With some additional research, we have concluded it is either an S6 or an S800.  The lines are somewhat blurred between these two models, but rest assured...S6 or S800...both are great! 

Martin Soprano Saxophone made by Yanagisawa.  Serial number 00102868 which I belive dates to 1980.  Overall, excellent condition.  Original lacquer finish is 99%+.  There are no dings or repairs.  The pads with dome plastic resonators are very good to excellent condition.  These are great quality sopranos and represent one of the best values on the market.  The older Yanagisawa case is in good condition.

SKU 00102868