Morgan Jazz Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece (NEW)

$ 279.00 $ 339.00

Only a few years ago the first MORGAN clarinet mouthpieces were produced. Now many hundreds of the finest players in the world are acclaiming them as the best they have ever used. A return to the principles of acoustical designs and handcrafting methods used for well over 100 years, until the early 1900's, has proven that they work far better than the mass production machine-work processes found in today's commercial mouthpieces. Instead of the machinery normally used in a mouthpiece factory, only hand-tools are all that are used to produce a fine MORGAN mouthpiece. The only machine used is a buffing wheel, to polish the surfaces. Morgan products are hand-crafted from raw rubber castings made in our own molds, from the finest European rubber. All are expertly hand-faced to an accuracy of .0002", or 1/15th the thickness of a piece of paper! That's why they proudly say "THEY WORK!!"

Ligature and cap are NOW included.