About Us

At Junkdude.com, we have been dealing in Vintage and used professional saxophones, along with other woodwind and brass instruments,  for about 15 years. What started as a hobby in high school and college by Dave became an obsession which evolved into a full-time business in 2001.

With each new addition to the vintage saxophone collection came hours of playing and research to learn the history of each make and model to understand the differences in mechanics, intonation, finish, etc for each horn. This allows us to expertly match the correct reed, mouthpiece and ligature combination to each horn to ensure that the best sound is being produced based on the saxophone make and model. This is a strength we are proud to offer and a skill that most big box music stores do not understand.

We are not just order takers at Junkdude.com. We know our stuff!

The name Junkdude was given to Dave as a trade name for his eager willingness to purchase musical instruments and items that most people were willing to throw out; thus the name Junkdude.com/Junkdude Music was born. Don’t let the name fool you. We sell only quality brand name products that have a reputation of quality and longevity. You won’t find sub-standard, throw away products here.  If we can't repair it, we won't sell it.

Our mission is simple; To restore and re-purpose as many quality, used instruments and mouthpieces as we can and to bring them new life.  In our throwaway society, we want to teach a new generation that some things really are worth fixing and preserving.

Return Policy

Shipping and Return Policy:

We pride ourselves on processing and shipping your orders quickly. Orders placed with us sometimes ship same day but typically ship within 24 to 48 hours. Because we sell a lot of one of a kind items, on very rare occasion will miss removing an item from the website that sold in our store. If you purchase an item in this situation, we will notify you right away and offer an alternative or a full refund of the purchase plus your shipping.

Trial/Refund Policy:
Saxophones/Other instruments – Because we know how difficult it is to make an instrument purchase without having the ability to try it, we offer a 10 day trial policy on all saxophones and other instruments. Saxophones/Other Instruments that are shipped under our Free Shipping offer are subject to a restock fee equivalent to the actual shipping charges we incurred for shipping the item to you. This typically ranges from $15 to $50.00, depending on the size and value of the instrument purchased. If in the Columbus, Ohio area, we do take in store appointments for instrument trials so call or email us to setup a time. Please note that our in store appointment times are a catered and personalized service and we simply ask that you be in serious consideration for an instrument purchase when setting up an appointment time. We appreciate and respect your time and would ask that you show us the same consideration.

Mouthpieces – We offer a 10 day trial policy on all new and used mouthpieces. New and used mouthpieces must be returned in the same shipped condition with original packaging to quality for a refund. There is a $15.00 restock fee per piece for most mouthpieces, whether new or used.   The restocking fee may be less for mouthpieces priced under $100.  If multiple mouthpiece are purchased, the restock fee is waived if at least one mouthpiece of the group purchased is not returned. Kindly use tooth patches and/or tape to protect the pieces from ligature and tooth marks during the trial. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for items that are returned containing tooth marks, scratches or chips due to improper care/handling during the trial period.

Clearance Items – Our refund policy does not apply to clearance items. All sales on clearance items are final.