Morgan Excalibur 'MAX' Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

$ 359.00

    Introducing the new Excalibur 'MAX' aka “Maxcalibur” Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces.  This model is the brightest and most powerful of the Morgan Excalibur Line of mouthpieces.  This is an Excalibur Model with a Medium Chamber and a moderate shelf baffle.  This will produce a full-bodied brighter traditional core, but with more edge and power.  The streamline body contributes to a responsive and free-blowing experience.  As with all Excalibur Models, this mouthpiece is completely handcrafted (not just hand-faced) using the Morgan pure formula of hard rubber (no synthetic fillers).  No computers, no milling machines, and no synthetic materials.  We were not the first to make mouthpieces like this, but we are probably the last…pure rubber and completely handmade by craftsmen using hand tools.  Available in tip openings: 8* (.105), 9 (.110) & 9* (.115)

The Excalibur Model is unique in that it has a streamlined body. It will feel a bit smaller in the mouth, so if you are used to playing on a metal mouthpiece, your embouchure will not have to change much. Also, the thinner walls and beak gives this mouthpiece more edge, brilliance and quicker response.

   The Morgan Excalibur Saxophone Mouthpieces are handcrafted the “Vintage” way.  Ralph Morgan started the company with the purpose of bringing back the lost art and science of truly handcrafted mouthpieces.  Our materials, tools, and process of making mouthpieces are identical to the manufacturers of the 1940s and 1950s.  We start with our 100% pure rubber formula, we mold and cure our mouthpieces to our exact specifications.  No machines are used in the cutting and shaping of our mouthpieces.  We cut our facings and shape the chambers and baffles all by hand.  Our craftsmen are among the most experienced in the world with 80+ years experience among the three of them.  This is a true handcrafted pure hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

Handmade in the USA since 1984.

We ship worldwide.  Free shipping in the US. Ten day trial period…shipping time is not counted in the trial period. If you don’t like it for any reason, return for a refund minus restocking fee of $15 for the US and $20 for overseas customers.