Ponzol Stainless Steel 85 (.085) Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

$ 489.00

Peter Ponzol Stainless Steel Model Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.  Precision machined from stainless steel and hand-faced.  These are bright and powerful mouthpieces with complexity and depth in the tone.  

Peter Ponzol has always been concerned about mouthpiece materials and how safe they are for a player to put in their mouth.  Most metal mouthpieces on the market are made of brass or bronze alloys.  Because these alloys can have any number of various metals and materials in the metal, they may not be safe use unless properly plated.  Chemicals used during the plating process are also not safe.  As the plating wears on a mouthpiece, the player may be exposed to unsafe metals or metals they may be allergic to.  

We use surgical stainless steel for our mouthpieces.  This material is extremely durable and one of the safest materials to play.  Stainless steel does not require plating so no unsafe chemicals are ever used in the production of the mouthpiece.  There is no plating to wear or flake and the mouthpiece will show very little wear even after decades of use.   

Tip opening measures .085.  Includes a Rovner Star Series ligature and cap. 

Made in the USA.

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