Conn New Wonder II Soprano Saxophone Gold Plate (1925)

$ 2,100.00

Conn New Wonder II Soprano Saxophone.  Serial number 160607 dates this saxophone to 1925.  This is a beautiful horn.  The original gold plate finish is around 98% with some wear on key touches.  There are no dings or repairs.  It has been well maintained and the pads with flat metal resonators are in near-new condition.  Excellent playing condition.  The newer ProTec case is in excellent condition.  We don't sell many horns anymore.  We specialized in vintage horns for a couple of decades and always had lots of them in the shop.  My brother picked out this particular horn...he always had his pick of the horns every time he visited, and there were always lots to choose from.  This was the soprano he selected out of all the ones that had come through the shop.  Due to nerve damage, he is no longer physically able to play this horn and is reluctantly giving it up.  It is a great horn.  Nearly 100 years old and still a fantastic horn. 

SKU 160607