Keilwerth SX90R 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Alto Saxophone (Contact Us For Info)

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We are listing this for Peter Ponzol.  This horn is from his personal collection and is in excellent condition.  This horn is not in our shop and will be shipped directly to you from Peter.  It is priced at $3800.  If you are interested or have any questions, we can put you in direct contact with Peter. 

Here is his description of the horn:

Hi, this is Peter Ponzol. I'm selling my Keilwerth SX90R 75th
Anniversary Limited Edition Alto. This is a rare horn as only about 150
alto's were made and is from my own private collection. The number on my
horn is #119. Limited Edition means current  and future value as very
few were made. This is an SX90R with all the standard features that were
developed during my time at Keilwerth, G# lifter, adjustable palm keys,
F arm bridge, soldered tone hole rings. What makes this model different
is a black nickel plated body and the neck, bow, bell and keys are
silver plated. The silver plating gives a warmer sound. These were made
in the year 2000 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Keilwerth. New
standard SX90R altos are selling for close to $7,000 and you will never
be able to buy a 75th Anniversary alto unless you buy one of the
original 150 that were made. My asking price of $3,800 is very
reasonable for a Limited Edition model in excellent condition.  As many
of you know, I was the consultant and designer for Keilwerth from
1985-1993. Obviously I know Keilwerth saxophones very well. By the way,
this was still made in the Nauheim factory before the production was
completely moved to  Markneukirchen. The horn is in perfect condition,
no dents, or dings, excellent pads, etc.  It will ship in the original
case. I rarely play alto so I hope it finds a good home with someone who
will really play it.  Shipping to the Continental US only. One time
opportunity to buy a limited edition KW at almost half the price of a
new SX90R