Ponzol Custom Vintage Model Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

$ 379.00

Peter Ponzol Custom Vintage Model Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece.  Precision machined from Delrin and hand-faced.  This model is a Delrin version of the Ponzol Vintage Model mouthpiece.  This model features a larger chamber with a lower baffle for a darker core tone with some edge.  It is the darkest of the Ponzol mouthpieces.  The Delrin gives it even more depth and complexity to the tone.

The size of this mouthpiece is unique.  The body size of this mouthpiece is the same as many metal mouthpieces, so it feels much smaller in the mouth than a typical rubber or synthetic mouthpiece.  It physically feels like a metal mouthpiece in the mouth but has the vibrational and physical temperature qualities of a rubber mouthpiece.

Now available in tip openings: .095, .100, .105, .110.  Includes a Rovner Star series ligature and cap.  Made in the USA.

Delrin is a high-tech synthetic material that has similar acoustic properties as hard rubber.  Delrin is more durable and machines more precisely than rubber.  It is more stable and will not warp or change color over time.  Because of its durability, it will wear more slowly than rubber.  It is a food-grade material and is safe to use.  If you like the vibration and feel of a rubber mouthpiece, then this is one to try.  It will have a bit more warmth to the sound than the Stainless Steel Model.

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